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The River

Chris Hedges: Israel Reopens the Gaza Slaughterhouse

Slaughterhouse – by Mr. Fish By Chris Hedges / Original to ScheerPost The skies over Gaza are filled — after a seven-day truce — with projectiles of death. Warplanes. Attack helicopters. Drones. Artillery shells. Tank shells. Mortars. Bombs. Missiles. Gaza is a cacophony of explo...

JFK assassination at 60: Oswald ‘doubles’ show CIA hand in plot

The paper trail documenting Oswald’s look-a-likes may provide the best proof CIA elements orchestrated the JFK assassination plot. Few things unite Americans like the certainty that John F. Kennedy was assassinated as the result of a conspiracy. This November 22, on the 60th anniversary of Kennedy’...

Hostile takeover: NATO’s annexation of Montenegro

NATO’s stealth takeover of the tiny but geopolitically significant nation represents the Balkans’ latest submission to US global hegemony. On October 31st, Montenegrin lawmakers formally approved a coalition government comprised of pro-European, pro-Russian and pro-Serbian parties. Immediately, Pri...

Chris Hedges: Israel’s War on Hospitals

Eve of Destruction – by Mr. Fish By Chris Hedges / Original to ScheerPost Israel is not attacking hospitals in Gaza because they are “Hamas command centers.” Israel is systematically and deliberately destroying Gaza’s medical infrastructure as part of a scorched earth campaign to...


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