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The River

Mass Media Omertà: Burying Al Jazeera’s ‘The Labour Files’

The damaging revelations about the Labour Party in the recent four-part Al Jazeera series, ‘The Labour Files’ , and the almost totalitarian silence in response by British news media, should ram home the illusory nature of ‘democracy’ in the UK. Based on the largest leak in British political h...

How To Defeat Putin

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ I know how to stop Vladimir Putin once and for all. I here offer my strategic wizardry to the western empire free of charge. Before I reveal my unstoppable plan, we must first understand that the Associated Press has just informed us that it is a “b...

Chris Hedges: The Disappearance of Meghan Marohn

By Chris Hedges / Special to ScheerPost Editor’s Note: Meghan Marohn, the beloved teacher whom her friend Chris Hedges wrote about in July after she went missing , was found dead in Massachusetts in early September. ScheerPost is reprinting Hedges’ moving, urgent piece in her hono...


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