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The River

The Julian Assange case

On the show, Chris Hedges talks to documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist John Pilger about the upcoming appeals hearing in London for the Julian Assange case.On Sept. 26, Yahoo! News published ‘Kidnapping, assassination and a...

Chris Hedges: God “Caged” in Jersey

Chris Hedges (in a tie) with the East Jersey State Prison inmates who collaborated to write “Caged,” world premiered at Passage Theatre in Trenton, N.J. [ Photo courtesy of Chris Hedges ] Click to subscribe on:  Apple  /  Spotify  /  Google Play Journalist and author  Chris He...

Manufacturing Ignorance: Keeping The Public Away From Power

In their classic book on the news media, ‘Manufacturing Consent’, Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky presented a ‘propaganda model’ of how the major broadcasters and newspapers operate. Whereas the ‘mainstream’ media declare that their aim is to educate, inform and entertain the public, their actual ...

Neofascist seizure of America’s state governments

On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the seizure of state governments by America’s homegrown neofascist movement with the historian Paul Street.The creeping homegrown Christianized fascism that is steadily gaining power in the United States is...

The Drivers Of Empire Want To Rule As Greek Gods

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ Power is the ability to control what happens. The more control you have, the more powerful you are. That’s why power is like crack for the ego. Egos are all about control; obtaining safety and security so as to ensure the survival and success of one p...


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