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The River

In Douma cover-up, OPCW’s new smoking gun backfires

In a new phase of a multi-year cover-up, the OPCW has accused Syria of a chemical attack in Douma. But to make the case, the OPCW breaks its own rules and offers an argument that its own findings undermine. In the latest chapter of an international cover-up scandal, the Organisation for the Prohibi...

Just Beneath

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ Don’t let the fraudulence of this civilization eclipse the supernova of authenticity hidden just beneath that thin membrane. Don’t let the vapid artificiality of mainstream culture cause you to miss the weird magic of life as it actually is. Don’t le...

Watch: Twitter Files & the Death of Russiagate

By Joe Lauria / Consortium News I n the latest installment of the blockbuster Twitter Files, reporter Matt Taibbi has  revealed  that probably the most important source behind the maniacal media output on the Russiagate was based on a lie. the replay. Hundreds of art...

Tree-Climbing GOATS – Who Is The Greatest Writer Of All Time?

Who is unquestionably the greatest writer of all time? And which was obviously the greatest popular music band of all time? Sorry, but you’re wrong on both counts. How so? Well, let me pick your brains a little further: Who is indisputably the greatest ever male singer? Now you’...

Chris Hedges: Ukraine: The War That Went Wrong

Everything Must Go – Mr. Fis h By Chris Hedges / Original to ScheerPost Empires in terminal decline leap from one military fiasco to the next. The war in Ukraine, another bungled attempt to reassert U.S. global hegemony, fits this pattern. The danger is that the more dire things l...

The West Is Incentivizing Russia To Hit Back

Listen to a reading of this article: ❖ Well the omnicidal war sluts won the debate over sending tanks to Ukraine, so now it’s time to start arguing for sending F-16s. In an article titled “ Ukraine sets sights on fighter jets after securing tank supplies ,” Reuters reports the following: ...


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