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The River

Taking A Week Off

This is just a notice to let everyone on my mailing list know I’ll be taking a week off for some family events. Thank you so much to my patrons and to everyone who’s been traveling with me on this weird and wild adventure. I really appreciate you all. See you all soon! Caitlin

The June Sedition Of Treazine Is Now Available

Sedition #11 of my print-friendly treason zine is now available and ready for download . As usual anyone is free to print, copy, republish, distribute, or use any and all of these materials in any way they choose, either digitally or out there in the analog world. This month’s Treazine, “ Propag...

China Places Country Dangerously Close To US Warship

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley): ❖ The US military has released video footage of a Chinese navy ship cutting across the path of an American Destroyer in the Taiwan Strait over the weekend, reportedly forcing the US vessel to slow down to avoid a collision. A ...

15 Reasons Why Mass Media Employees Act Like Propagandists

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley): ❖ If you watch western news media with a critical eye you eventually notice how their reporting consistently aligns with the interests of the US-centralized empire, in almost the same way you’d expect them to if they were governmen...

Right Wing ‘Populism’ Is Fake And Stupid

Listen to a reading of this article (reading by Tim Foley): ❖ Republican politicians have found a way to reconcile the fact that scrutinizing the behavior of the US war machine appeals to their base and wins votes with the fact that the Republican Party is built around facilitating war and ...

Raising The Price – Martin Amis And The Post-9/11 Cataclysm

The death of novelist and essayist Martin Amis on 19 May triggered a ‘mainstream’ wave, not just of admiration, but of adoration. It is clear from the obituaries that Amis died with his reputation intact and untarnished. In tweeting a link to his obituary for the Guardian, the Independent’s ...


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